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Adidas Harden Vol. 1 vs Nike PG1

Basketball and sneakers have always gone hand-in-hand.  They’ve always correlated with each other throughout history, and still do to this day.  With that being said, we are going to give you a full in depth look at two of the hottest signature shoes out right now, with a little insight into the players themselves.  Before we do that, we have to give you a backdrop on the history of the NBA and why these two players are so important.

Times have changed, torches have switched hands, and now is a new millennial within the current hierarchy of the NBA.  Three point shooting has revolutionized the way teams operate.  Some would say, if you live by the the three then you die by it.  That cliche motto explains the current state of the game.  Long gone are the days of two big’s and a dominant post game.  Long gone are the days of the dazzling Allen Iverson crossover, and the highlight reels of Tracy “T-Mac” McGrady.  Those super talents have hung it up for good, so now we take a look at the current crop of superstar athletes.

Two of the best perennial NBA all-stars are James Harden and Paul George.  Each player holds a specific set of super talents that helps them to be the premier faces of the current basketball scene.  Both players have been so stellar in the past few years, that they’ve even been awarded their very own signature sneakers.  So today we ask, who has the better first signature shoe?

“The Beard” & “PG13” are both on their initial installments, so their legends begins here.  Which player will reach the pinnacle?  Do either one of these talented individuals have what it takes to become icons?  Can James Harden take adidas hoops to the higher level that it solely craves?  Does Paul George have enough support on his Indiana Pacers team to reclaim the Eastern Conference?

Only time will tell when it comes to these two gifted players, but one thing’s for sure.  Both of these guys are on the top of their game.  Harden puts up near triple double efforts every time he steps on the court, and Paul George takes pride in being one of the best two-way players in the league.  PG’s game and play style is extremely smooth and almost effortless, while Harden has elite offensive ability and a knack for scoring.

That’s enough of the hype, and now it’s time to get down to the details. The adidas Harden 1 delivers a more sleek asymmetrical build with boost tooling, while the Nike PG1 has superior lock-down comfort and amazing style.  Both pairs have received solid colorways ranging from “BHM” editions to the simple home & away colors.  Nike is probably the more coveted brand, but adidas is more loyal to their athletes considering Derrick Rose is about to release his 9th signature shoe.  Each model comes in low-top style at reasonable retail prices.

Throughout this article we’ve brought you clips of each players amazing highlights, as we’ve compared their play and everything leading up to the question of the sneakers.  We had to give you the backstory of each player, and also provide the adequate amount of hype to the aura of each individual.  All stats, accolades, and even personality aside,  Which first signature sneaker do you think is better?

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