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And One Tai Chi

And One Tai Chi

Release Year: 1999

Price: 75.00


In the not too distant past.  Basketball may have been more popular outside of an NBA court.  That popularity rose from rough and rugged street ball.  The And 1 company was the face of that rising form of basketball.  One of And 1’s most marketable en devours came from its shoe line.  The best pair of sneakers to come from And 1 were the Tai Chi pair that were made famous by Vince Carter in the year ‘2000 dunk contest.  “What If” this company made a resurgence and brought back rough and rugged street-ball along with the Tai Chi hoop shoe?  It was composed of a simple but sweet Ying – Yang style that usually featured two base colors?  Can And One still make a comeback? Where you a fan of street-ball?  If you were apart of this era please let us know your thoughts by leaving comments in the section below.


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