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Best KD All Star Sneakers

This years NBA All Star game will have a very compelling aspect to it.  Nike brand will not lace up their athletes with special edition All Star sneakers.  Many have begun to speculate over the reasoning behind such an important move.  This is a tradition that we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few decades.  Before the current generation of athletes, players like Michael Jordan and more laced up new colorways just for this one specific game.


There are a couple of factors that may have lead to this decision.  You can blame the switching of the venue.  You could possibly look at the overall landscape of sneakers, and how the runner/lifestyle category of shoes are currently on the rise.  Nevertheless, we won’t get any AS shoes this year.


So we chose to look back at some of our favorite editions that came as a result of this game.  One of Nike brands currently endorsed athletes is Kevin Durant.  KD has laced up 7 different iterations for the big spectacle.  So we revisit each model, and we ask which pair was your favorite?  Are you a fan of the “Galaxy” edition that took the sneaker world by storm?  Or do you prefer the “Gumbo League” editions that were instant must-haves?  Check out each of Kevin Durant’s All Star editions below, and be sure to let us know which pair you believe is the best.

Nike KD 2 “All Star”

Nike KD 3 “All Star”

Nike KD 4 “All Star”

Nike KD 5 “All Star”

Nike KD 6 “All Star”

Nike KD 7 “All Star”

Nike KD 8 “All Star”

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