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Best Nike Lebron All Star Shoe

LeBron James has turned into a perennial superstar. Year after year the 6’10 freight train barrels his way past antagonized defenders who end most of their possessions in foul trouble or just mere spectators. Few prospects live up to their hype and even fewer surpass what most deem them capable of. LeBron has done so easily, with a smile and God ordained athleticism. The area of his career where no one soul can criticize, is the influence he has had over the shoe game. Each edition that he laces up becomes a staple in the sneaker community. On the Eve of the NBA’s biggest game of the year we ask, which Lebron All Star signature shoe is the best? Which pair solidifies his kick supremacy? Check out a picture of each edition below and be sure to leave your opinions, thoughts, or comments.

Best Nike Lebron All Star Shoe

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