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DaDa Supreme Spinner 1

DaDa Supreme Spinner 1


Release Year: 2000

Price: 100.00


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. “What If” the DaDa Supreme Spinner’s made a return? For all of us who remember, DaDa brand was a young up and coming creative sneaker/clothing company who delivered one of the hottest shoes of the early 2000’s. It featured a classic spinning rim on the rear side panel which was a sign of the times as hip hop culture was very influential at that moment. This shoe made all of us want to drive our cars with the rims spinning rims and even match our vehicles with stylish athletic shoes. Would you buy this shoe if it made a return? Were you apart of the hype? Is this shoe a classic? Please leave thoughts, opinions, and comments below.


DaDa Supreme Spinner 1

Retro Review


3.7 out of 5

It fit with the times when it was released. If the year were 2000 they would have gotten a 5, but looking back I wouldn't give them that high of a rating.

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