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Best Lebron Signature Shoe?

Best Lebron Signature Shoe?

Lebron James was highly recruited and heralded as the second coming during his senior year at Saint Vincent Saint Mary High School. The weight of the entire sports world rested on the shoulders of a mere 18 year old adolescent. Who could ever handle that type of pressure at such a tender age? Only one person on the globe could have risen to the occasion, and that was Mr. Lebron James. Lebron went on to emulate greatness and exude perfection year after year. He won multiple championships and accolades beyond measure. The one area where you could never deny Lebron’s complete dominance was the way his signature Nike shoe became a fashion statement similar to the way MJ became a social icon. Today we bring you the question, which Lebron was the best? Which shoe cemented his legacy? What pair of shoes of his is the pair that you will never forget. We at AmorKicks put together our own personal list of the top 5 silhouettes from “King James”. Enjoy

5. Nike Lebron 5

4. Nike Lebron 2

3. Nike Lebron 7

2. Nike Lebron 8

  1.  Nike Lebron 9

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