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Looking Back At The Charles Barkley Signature Nike Line

Charles Barkley was a formidable force during the height of his career.  He dominated the paint as an undersized forward, and embodied surprising athleticism for what seemed to be an overweight build.  He played with ego and an attitude that was used by Nike in their famous “I am not a role model” campaign.


He started his career playing alongside basketball God’s Julius Erving and Moses Malone before ultimately being traded to the Phoenix Suns.  During his days in Arizona he amassed the MVP trophy and challenged Michael Jordan for a NBA championship.  Barkley became one of only a handful of players who amassed 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists in their career.


One outstanding aspect of Charles prolific playing days were his signature Nike shoes.  Today we revisit the entire lineup. It all started in 1993, and we still get retro editions in 2017.  Which model was your favorite?  Did you fall in love with the Nike Air Max CB ’94, or do you prefer the low-top CB34.  Check out each edition below, and feel free to let us know which pair is your favorite.

Nike Air Force Max CB

Released Year: 1994


Nike Air Max2 CB ’94

Release Year: 1994


Nike Air Max CB34

Release Year: 1995


Nike Air Max CB34 II

Release Year: 1996


Nike Air CB4

Release Year: 1997

Nike Air Super CB

Release Year: 1997


Nike Air CB4 II

Release Year: 1998

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