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Mission statement

FullSizeRenderAmor Kicks is an internet based company and website founded by myself, Jeremiah McGordon and my Co-Founder
D.R.E. Together we were able to take one step closer to accomplishing one of my dreams. I was able to take two of the things that I love dearly and incorporate both of them into one product. Amor is the name of my daughter and the joy of my life. It was my goal to be able to guarantee her something more in life than just taxes and the end of days. I wanted to be able to give her opportunity. This website gives her the chance to realize anything is possible. Some people look at tennis shoes as just a hobby or something that places very little importance in life, but others look at shoes as a way of life. One day, I hope Amor chases something that she believes in. It doesn’t have to be shoes but rather something that she holds dear to her heart. This website contains an in-depth expert point of view on everything about sneakers. You are guaranteed updated release dates, current shoe reviews and even a home to display the hottest custom sneakers. Amor Kicks will give you everything afore mentioned plus much more. Stay tuned and click away.