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No All Star Shoes For Nike This Year

The legend of the fall-offs.  All good things must end. The first finish last, and the last finish first.  Have you ever heard these cliche’ terms before?  I’m sure most of us have, but there is a reason why they are being reiterated now.  Nike is a giant, and that giant’s name is Goliath.  The rest of the sneaker industry can be referred to as David.  The brave soldier who defied the odds, and took down the behemoth with all he had, and that was a sling-shot.  All dramatics aside, we may possibly be seeing a change in the hierarchy of the sneaker culture.

Nike brand has revealed that they do not have a production lineup for this years NBA All Star game.  That means we will not get the traditional jazzed up signature kicks or PE’s.  Is this a decoy for something larger, or is this an impending white flag that should raise cause for concern?  When you are at the pinnacle for so long, do you forget what the consumer really needs, or do you just continue to dominate with an iron fist until your ultimate demise?

Kanye west changed the game when he left Nike for Adidas.  That was blow number one.  Stephen Curry literally changed everything when he left Nike for Under Armour.  That was blow number two.  Last year, the entire All-Star collection sat on shelves for weeks, before they ended up at Ross or Marshalls for pennies on the dollar.  That was the third strike.

Did Nike not realize the way the Roshe ushered in the current shoe scene?  The consumer wants comfort at an affordable price, but they continued to make bulky $200 dollar shoes.  The consumer wants simplicity, but everything has flyknit thrown on it for an extra price.  We all absolutely love retro, but it’s time for Jordan brand to slow it down.  There is a definite cause for concern when the companies underneath you are starting to feel the pressure.

Why make a $750 dollar pair of shoes that lace themselves up, when your everyday consumer would never spend that much money on one pair of sneakers.  Great idea, but what is more important, great ideas or revenue.  Meanwhile the growth of adidas brand is stunning.  If one person sees a chink in the armour, that gives all of your competition the desire to capitalize on your weakness.  This may be the very first sign that something is wrong.

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