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Reebok G Unit

Reebok G Unit

Release Year: 2003

Price: 70.00


2003 was a great year for sneakerheads and hip-hop moguls as well.  That same your we saw the gritty New York entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson team up with Reebok brand to deliver his very own G – Unit shoe.  “50 Cent” is on record saying that he made 80 million dollars from the collaboration.  If this is true then Mr. Jackson may be one of most influential business men of all time.  So now we ask, “What If” the Reebok G – Unit sneaker made a meaningful return?  Would it bring the already well known star even further into the limelight?  It is a basic model, but sometimes basic is perfect.  How much would you pay for a pair?  We believe that it is a possibility for these to resurface.  If you agree or disagree please leave any thoughts, comments, or opinions in the section below.


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