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Steph Curry Projected To Sell More Shoe Sales Than All Of Nike?

Recent analysis have put together a stunning projection. According to Morgan Stanley of SSIData, Steph Curry is projected to sell more signature sneakers than Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Kyrie Irving combined. If that assumption alone doesn’t disturb you, Curry is even set to outsell “The King” Lebron James. The “Chef” is riding an absolute high continuing his fairytale year stemming from last season. His Golden State Warriors actually got better and are currently competing for the best record in NBA history. Nike brand had the chance to have Curry, but passed due to the inability to put his favorite bible scripture on his shoes from the fear of marketing rejection. Under Armour got Curry and happily printed the religious script on his shoes, and they have exploded globally just like the sharpshooter himself. Check out the mind boggling projections and let us know what you think Nike should do. Feel welcome to give us your overall thoughts, comments, or opinions in the section below. Stay logged into AmorKicks for all sneaker information and updates.


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