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Steph Curry ‘VS’ Michael Jordan

Wardell “Steph” Curry is becoming the poster child of the NBA. Last year was the beginning of a historic rise. Curry already holds an MVP trophy and a NBA Championship. The shoe brand that endorses Curry is Under Armour, who as of 5 years ago were relative unknowns in the industry. Will Curry spark the rise of ‘UA’ into a dominant heavyweight? Can he take them to the top the way Jordan did for Nike? When MJ came into the league Nike wasn’t the powerhouse that they are today, so we ask it possible for “Chef” Curry to be the face of an entire generation and ignite a revolution that propels Under Armour into the spotlight? Is it plausible to ask the question of what Curry can do? Is there anything that the phenom can’t accomplish? When he retires where will his legacy stand, on and off the court? Can Steph rival Jordan? If you dare to debate, please leave your thoughts, questions, and comments, in the section below.

Steph Curry ‘VS’ Michael Jordan

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