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The Best Nike KD All Star Edition?

Kevin Durant has been a mysterious Superstar his entire career. He has always been an offensive behemoth packed into a slender frame. Durant’s early days were filled with your prototypical up-and-coming star who plays well and answers all questions politically correct. Things changed down the line as KD began to voice his opinion and the shy or formal responses left his persona. Nonetheless, his game evolved into premier ball handling mixed with sharpshooter range from deep. Durant never will never shy away from the big moment or the game defining play. Even still, it is hard to figure him out, when reporters tried to dub him the “Durantula” or “Slim Reaper” he refused any and all nicknames. He simply prefers KD. Does Durant’s game speak for itself? Should we allow him to terrorize offenses in peace? In light of the upcoming All Star festivities Kevin Durant gets another consecutive nod in which he will most likely showcase his superiority. Today we preview all of his All Star editions, and we ask which pair would you deem the best? Check out each edition below and let us know which pair defines KD’s career. Enjoy

The Best Nike KD All Star Edition?

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