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The Best Nike Signature Sneaker

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Paul George, and Kobe Bryant all have one thing in common.  They are all currently signature sneaker athletes for the Nike brand.  With LeBron being the longest tenured endorsed player and Paul George as the most recent addition, this entire lineup brings about some of the best sneakers in the business.  Who has the best overall signature collection?


KD has staple models such as the “Aunt Pearl” and the “PB & J”.  Kyrie has the “Green Glow” and “Duke” inspired colorways.  “King” James has the “South Beach” and “Dunkman” versions.  The Kobe Bryant line has delivered the most diverse color combinations and the ever present use of animal prints.  Paul George is just getting started.  All of them receive the traditional “Christmas” ,”BHM”, and “What The” special editions.


So we ask, who’s signature line has shown the most promise and brought about the best must-have sneakers?  Are you a fan of the player or the exclusive sigs that each one of these guys lace up?  Does attention to detail matter?  Do you care more about the lifestyle appeal, or the on court performance?  Feel free to leave any opinions, insights, or comments on your favorite signature line in the section below.

(Paul George can understandably be excluded from this conversation as he’s the newest addition)


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