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The Charlotte Cummings Collection: The Greatest Lady Sneakerhead

Charlotte Cummings was one of the first avid lady sneakerheads. She owned an extremely rare collection with OG editions dating back to the mid 80’s. Wallace State Community College has had the honor of being able to display such a rare collection of masterpieces. It all began when Mrs. Cummings started off as a sneaker shop owner during the 80’s with husband Robin Cummings. She began to create her own collection throughout those years and all of the shoes are still here today. Charlotte has since passed away, but her husband kept her dreams alive and well by preserving and even adding to quite possibly the most outstanding sneaker collection in history. They will be on exhibition at the college until March 15th. If you are in the area or if you would like to have the opportunity to glance at such an amazing set of antiques be sure to make a stop in Hanceville, Alabama. Check out some of the images from the exhibit, and if you wish to see more check out Mr. Cummings instagram page here Robin Cummings Instagram. This entire set is absolutely stunning. Always be sure to continue to visit AmorKicks for all updates and everything sneakers.







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