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The Original Nike Air Zoom Generation Sketches And Designs

The Nike Air Zoom Generation just recently retroed for the very first time in over a decade.  This was LeBron “King” James’ very first signature sneaker.  Nike tried something different by bringing a shoe back before a player is done with their career.  They experimented with this idea as Kobe Bryant came to the end of his stellar playing days, but they decided to do it in collectors packs that included every single one of his signature shoes.  With LeBron, everything is done differently.  This is evident as he signed a 7 year $90 million dollar contract with Nike before he ever stepped foot on the court.  That leap of faith has been very fruitful for the brand as LeBron’s signatures are now the go-to sneaker.


Aaron Cooper, Tinker Hatfield, and Eric Avar came together to create what is now known as history.  One of the most important factors to LeBron James when it came to his shoes were comfort.  Using his focus on that area and some other inspirations, the team of three were able to design a successful model.


Some of the differences that stand out from the original sketches are the placement of the swoosh and the cut-out heel.  As you can see the swoosh logo ended up in a more traditional location instead of the rear of the shoe.  The heel cut-out was ultimately removed, but it did resurface later as it is featured on the first Kobe Bryant sig with Nike.  Check out some of the interesting artwork and original ideas for the Nike Air Zoom Generation below.  Be sure to go to the comments section to let us know what you think.


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