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The Rise of PUMA Brand

PUMA Brand has now started to elevate to a new level.  Their subtle rise is very similar to the likes of Adidas when they announced the arrival of Mr. Kanye West.  Before the “Yeezy’s” debuted the 3 stripes brand didn’t carry the same weight that they undoubtedly hold now.  PUMA has recently endorsed superstars Big Sean and Kyle Jenner.  These are two celebrity signings that could possibly bolster the brands recognition with the younger generation.  Some of the other celebrity stablemates include The Weeknd, Rihanna, and Rae Sremmurd.  These acquisitions will surely develop their influence on the pop and hip-hop culture.


Will PUMA drop a coveted collaboration that finally gets them the acclaim that they covet?  Do these endorsements falter, and the shoe brand is left at the drawing board trying to find new ways to unparalleled stardom?  Are you a fan of PUMA shoes?  Do you believe that this brand is on the rise?  So many questions and many more that we can ask.  Feel free to take your thoughts or opinions to the section below.

The Weeknd

Kylie Jenner


Rae Sremmurd


Big Sean

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