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Under Armour CEO Supports Donald Trump

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank recently spoke on his views of the current turbulent Chief Of Staff Donald Trump.  The leader of the free world has come to make some decisions that have altered relations with the rest of the world.  Due to his actions, major companies have decided to speak out either against or in support of Trump.  Plank is quoted saying that Donald is “A real asset to the country” and he is also in support of building this asinine wall between the US and Mexico.  How do you feel about Trumps decisions?  Do you believe that Under Armour’s statement will effect their already slumping shoe sales?  Does this give Steph Curry the opportunity to speak on the issues surrounding the country?  Feel free to leave any honest opinions in the comments section below.  If you are not in support or if you believe in what the government is doing, it is still a free country, and friendly debate is always welcomed.

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